October 2012

Team Chemistry and the Intangible rating: How Chris Carpenter earned an “A” intangible rating on his 2012 season player card

#316-330 Check team morale on offense…

Team is pulling together, exuding confidence. For the remainder of the
game all players have a clutch situation rating.

Excellent team chemistry is a factor that may come into play in DYNASTY League Baseball

One of the unique aspects of DYNASTY League Baseball is each players intangible rating which are then used to obtain a team chemistry rating. After last night’s NLDS Game 5 in which the Cardinals overcame the largest deficit in major league history to win a winner-take-all game DYNASTY League Baseball players must be thinking the Cardinals have zeroed in on the #316-330 dice roll range on the Bizarre play chart that gives teams with Excellent team chemistry a “clutch” situation rating for the remainder of the game.  The “Intangible” ratings have little to do with any sabrmetric analysis, but rather are a “gut check” of a players “heart” and competitiveness. Typically a player who is a team leader is the type of player who will receive an “A” Intangible rating. Think Frank Robinson, Cal Ripken, Sal Bando, David Ortiz, Derek Jeter as the mold in which “A” Intangible players are cut from.

While the Intangible rating is very subjective, few people can argue that Chris Carpenter is a fierce competitor and a team leader that sets an example for the rest of the team. Few thought that Carpenter would even play in 2012 after undergoing surgery that removed a rib, but he was cheering on his teammates while setting an example of a work ethic of how to prepare for each game and believe that you CAN despite all adversity. Will Carpenter receive a player card in the new 2012 season player card set? Carpenter has to have a 2012 season player card even with only 17 IP because of both his on and off field impact and playoff impact coupled with an F Durability rating.  Here is why Carpenter is getting an “A” intangible rating in the 2012 season player card set:

: “I was just trying to do everything I can to keep our guys motivated, and keep them going. And that’s when I started talking about it. ‘Hey, let’s make this epic comeback. Let’s ruin everybody’s night.’ The crowd thinks they’ve got this game. They’re beating us 6-1, and our stud (Wainwright) is out of the game, and we’re going through our bullpen. It may look bad, but why can’t we come back? Get one run at a time, keep on it, and see what happens. I was nonstop the whole time.”

SCHUMAKER: “Carp says right away, ‘Boys, this is going to be an epic comeback. Just epic.’ And he kept saying that over and over. Then I started thinking the same thing. I started buying in on it. I started saying it, too. Then everyone started believing. We were just as loud as we could be.”

Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma getting back to back hits with 2 outs in the 9th to tie the game and then go ahead vs. closer Drew Storen? It definitely can become more likely if Excellent team chemistry is on your team and the Baseball Gods are with you as you roll a #316-330 on the Bizarre play chart. Descalso and Komza will then become “clutch hitters” with a better chance of delivering that big clutch hit.

DYNASTY League Baseball Online screen shot at new Busch Stadium

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2012 The Year of the Rookie and the Triple Crown | Preview of the New 2012 Season Player Cards

Mike Trout had as great of a rookie season as we have seen since perhaps Fred Lynn’s
MVP Rookie year in 1975. Trout did something in his rookie year no other MLB player has ever done – hit 30 HR and steal 49 bases and score 129 runs in a single season. How will Trout’s DYNASTY League Baseball player card look in 2012? For one thing, even though Trout hits right-handed, he hit RH pitchers (.346 BA/.588 SLG) much better than LH (.267 BA/.493 SLG).  After all the highlights what should you expect for Trout’s range rating? The answer is “A” Range for Trout bases on his excellent +34 Fielding Bible plus/minus rating, very good 2.70 Range factor and 13.9 UZR/150 rating. Perhaps the weakest part of Trout’s tools is his throwing arm which is a tick below average (look for a +1 below average throwing arm rating). Trout is a burner and is built like an NFL defensive back – look for an outstanding “10” Baserunning rating on his player card.

Miguel Cabrera at bat in DYNASTY League Baseball Online for Windows and Apple Mac in Comerica Park

Fred Lynn’s 1975 season isn’t the only Red Sox season similar to some of the 2012 player performances. Carl Yastrzemski’s 1967 Triple Crown season for Boston was the last triple crown season up until Miguel Cabrera put up a .330 BA with 44 HR and 139 RBI in 2012.  Cabrera’s 2012 season DYNASTY League Baseball player card is rare air and a must have. By hitting .420 BA/.720 SLG with RSP/ 2 outs, Miguel Cabrera is 2012’s poster boy for the Clutch Hitting rating repeating his great Clutch Hitting performance in 2011. The AL had back-to-back triple crown winners in 1966 when Frank Robinson won it followed by Yaz in 1967. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was another triple crown winner in 2013?

Bronx bombers? You bet. The Yankees hit 245 HR in 2012 which was the most HR in a season by a Yankee team and there have been plenty of great power hitters for the Yankees so consider this 2012 Yankee team special. There will be sure to be “A” power ratings across the Yankee lineup from Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher.

Looking for surprises? How about the NL RBI leader Chase Headley NOT getting a Clutch Hitting rating based on his .203 BA/.338 SLG with RSP/2 outs. Then there is 19-9 Johnny Cueto NOT getting a JAM rating after allowing a BA/SLG of .261/.493 with RSP/2 out. Stephen Strasburg was hardly dominating in JAM situations with a .292 BA/.415 SLG with RSP/2 outs.

Jon Jay earned an “A” range on his 2012 DYNASTY League Baseball player card

Defensively Jon Jay continues to improve each year and in 2012 he earned “A” Range/100 Error rating / 0 (average throwing arm) in CF. Ryan Braun also continues to improve defensively in LF earning “B+” range and a good “-1” throwing arm. Braun was second only to Desmond Jennings in LF with a +16 Fielding Bible plus minus. Jason Heyward had an outstanding year defensively in RF earning a rare “A+” Range rating and very good “-2” throwing arm. Heyward had 5 kills in RF and easily the best Fielding Bible plus minus of +40.

At the extremes of Range ratings at ss were Brendan Ryan “A” with the best Fielding Bible plus minus (+28) and Derek Jeter  “D” with the worst Range factor of 3.76 and a Fielding Bible plus minus of -26.

Despite not getting a JAM rating, Cueto did earn a perfect A+/-4 hold rating allowing an amazing 1 SB while 9 baserunners were CS.

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